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Part-time jobs, ful-time jobs, client’s work, articles, hobbies, sidelines, etc. Everyday each and everyone of us has got tons of things to do or deal with. Multi-tasking is inevitably, and time is of the essence. In my case, besides meeting clients, my job and career requires me to sit in front of my computer, doing countless of research, practicing, and of course, client’s work. How many a times did any of us leave our seats for a short break? How many of us actually regulate the time we spent in a single position?

What I’ve Learned…

I realized that I’ve been sitting for past 6hours! Well, excluding the time for meal breaks and coffee. Even though we had no choice, nonetheless it is very unhealthy to remain in a single position for so long, as our body stiffens for as long as our muscles don’t move. But I found a simple solution to force me to lift my butt from the seat, and take a short break.


Yes, time out. No, I meant the App is called “Time Out”. It has 2 different sets of break: Normal and Micro. It simply means that Normal breaks is the slightly longer working period for the day, and taking a longer break, while Micro breaks are short intervals in between the long working hours, and taking a short break just to stretch our muscles.

You may download the App at and its free. Only problem is: You need Mac. Sadly, I’ve not been recommended about windows version as I’m personally using mac. So, if anyone who has a recommendation, please do let me know so I could include it into this article and share it with everyone!

I love this App for its simplicity and the effectiveness of it. Once the timer reaches your stated amount of working period, e.g. 1hour, “Time Out” fades in and starts counting down the stated amount of break time, along with the update of the next time out. What is so great about this App, is that this fading in actually prevents you from doing anything on your computer, except for CMD + Tab, but you can’t click on anything at all. So, its kind of like forcing you to leave your seat since you can’t do anything for now.

Additionally, the person who created this App understands that there are times where we cannot allow any breaks in between, so giving the user the full amount of control is still a necessity. You may postpone the break for a shorter time, a longer time or simply, skip this break. Of course, you may adjust the Normal break and Micro break accordingly to your liking under the App’s preference menu. Furthermore, you may run a separate applet script to activate or trigger a certain event should you need to, e.g. launching iTunes or play a music.

What’s not to like about this App? I thank David Sinclair of Dejal for producing such a simple App that effectively helps us to stay healthy!

Time Out From Dejal

Download it here:

Pomodoro: Time Management

Alternatively, you may wish to try out Pomodoro at, another time management App for Mac. What it does is basically, allowing you to activate Pomodoro for a task, e.g. “Preparing an article.” with a given set of time, stated in the preference of the Pomodoro App. You may “start”, “stop”, “interrupt” or “resume” your Pomodoro. It makes use of “Growl”, another App for Mac, which unobtrusively notifies you of an event.

Furthermore, you may also manage the logs of different sessions or tasks you have previously done, delete them or simply view your session stats. Additionally, they integrated Twitter into this App, so you may announced that you have started, ended, interrupted or resumed your Pomodoro.

Pomodoro User Interface

Download it here:


I believe that everyone needs a short break. A break that not only helps us to relief the stress in our body for sitting too long, but also relax and clear our mind so we can continue our work with better efficiency. No matter the importance of what we are doing, health should always be our most prioritized concern. Afterall, we worked hard to live a better life isn’t it?

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Coming Up Next… “Useful Mac Apps For Daily Tasks!


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