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In this article, I would like to share with you some Apps that helped me throughout my daily work, kept me organized and keeping in touch with the social networks. Although I personally do not use all the Apps that are listed here, I felt that it could be of some help to list the Apps that pin-points on some of the common issues people faced in the daily work. They are cost-effective Apps, that are simple yet affordable for you to get it.

There is a mix and match of Paid Apps and Free Apps in this article. So, before you actually decides on one, do pay close attention to it.

Development Apps


A single light-weight text editor designed for web designers and developers to code at ease!


Coda @ $99

Another powerful code editor that combines project management, css, previews, file transfer, svn, and more.



Code it with style. Caffeine boost it with ease in managing projects, FTP, publishing, live preview, extensive sync tools.


XAMPP @ Free!

Having trouble setting up apache, MySQL, and FTPs? Well, XAMPP solves it all with just a click.


Snippet @ $12.95

Saw some codes that could be of use for you later? Snippet allows you to create snippets from selected text anywhere.


Mail Managing Apps

Mozilla Thunderbird @ Free!

Needless to say. It’s good and easy to use. Best of all, its cross-platform. Better search, archiving and tab features.


Sparrow @ Free!

What’s stopping you from using the light-weighted mail for Mac, when all you want to do is check your mails?


Notify @ $9

Sitting unobtrusively in your menubar, you will be notified when there’s a new mail. Huge performance improvements.


Social Networking Apps

HootSuite @ Free!

Finding it difficult to manage multiple accounts in different social networks? Well, HootSuite manages it all.


TweetDeck @ Free!

Managing conversations, update multiple social networks with multiple accounts, sleek and stylish App for your desktop.


Blogo @ $25

The blog editor for your Mac. What’s more to say? Supports some of the most popular CMS available now. Enjoy publishing.


Tweetie @ Free!

In terms of capability, it may lose to the above two social networking Apps, but nonetheless its light-weight, stylish and easy to use twitter App.


EventSync @ Free!

As the name indicates, it syncs your Facebook events with iCal. Now, you have no reason to miss any, do you?


Management Apps


A light-weight To-Do list for Mac that syncs with iCal and Mail. Manage your tasks the easy way.


Transmit @ $34

Now faster than ever, transferring and uploading files through FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV. Awesome.


Dropbox @ Free!

Need to share a file with your group or partners? Or simply storing something online? Dropbox gives you 2GB to start off.


On The Job @ $39.95

A financial management Apps that handles almost anything you need to deal with. Give it a try, it works.


1 Password @ $39.95

Too many passwords to remember? Use 1 password to manage them all. Easy, simple and secure. Trust it and it will serve you well.


Designing & Art Sketching Apps

Google’s SketchUp @ Free!

Made by google, a 3D sketching App that you would go “WOW!”. Really. See the gallery and you will believe it.


Sketch Vector drawing @ $40

Let your creativity flow as there is infinite possibility you can with Sketch Vector Drawing.


FontCase @ $53

The font book in Mac is good. But Font case is better. Organize and tag your fonts to help enhance your workflow.


ArtRage @ $80

Produce natural looking artwork with a wide range of artistic tools. Paint like you’ve never paint before.


Other Apps That Works

GarageBuy, SketchBox, Screenflow(Paid App)

TimeOut, Pomodoro (Reviewed and discussed in previous article @ )


There are of course, many other Apps out there that are also useful and beautifully designed for our uses. I may not be able to list all of them out, but these are some the Apps I personally find it useful in my everyday life. If you like this tutorial, please share it around with your friends! Hope to see you around soon!

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