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10 Useful Online Form Builders



When it comes to a website, many of us requires a simple form. Whether its for mailing list, contact form, registration, etc, a form helps your website become interactive and reachable by users. But one key issue remains – Building it and managing a form. Some of us may be equipped with the basic knowledge of web programming, but others don’t.

Below is a short list of the few popular online form builder, that exists to lessen our workload and managing time. Meant to be user-friendly and simple to use, it allows us to create a variation of forms, from simple contact forms to complex registration forms. But for most, it comes with a price. A fairly reasonable deal if you ask me. So, help yourself with it. Enjoy!

Form Stack








Email Me Form




Panda Form


Icebrrg Web Forms


Coffee Cup – Web Form Builder Software


Form Assembly


A few fields may seem simple to create, but still requires extensive work for it to be good(e.g. validation, dynamic options, etc.). And what if you need to increase the fields? Or, what if you need change some options, settings? It gets really tedious and difficult to maintain it. These online form builders should, at the very least, solve most of your problems you may encounter when trying to setup a complete form for your website.

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My X’mas Wallpapers


Christmas is around the corner and I’ve trying to get some wallpapers up. Although there are plenty of beautiful wallpapers available on the internet, I thought it would be great to have something of my own. Now, I wish to share the joy with you by offering you these wallpapers! Merry Christmas to you and have a happy holiday! Enjoy!

Both wallpapers are ONLY available in 1440 x 900 and 1280 x 800 resolution.

Family & Friends


Download Wallpapers: 1440 x 900 pixels1280 x 800 pixels

X’mas Celebration


Download Wallpapers: 1440 x 900 pixels1280 x 800 pixels

Do you like these wallpapers? I sure hope you like it! Share it around with your friends and visit my blog more often! I certainly hope to bring more beautiful works to share with everyone. Thank you!

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20 Fabulous Music Website Designs


Everyone loves music. And it clearly has become a part of our life. Besides being available in the physical stores in town, more and more bands, artist, singers or even music companies are also making their presence online too. Below is a short list of some of the music websites I stumbled upon and felt that its both visually pleasing to look at, as well as a pretty clear navigation or content layouts. Enjoy!

BBC Music

BBC Music

Mike Poss


Tokyo Police Club


Just Hear It


Champion Sound




E Music


Lyric Sift


Taste Kid


Flux Blog








Reverb Nation


Share The Music


Consequence Of Sound


Boston Music Spotlight


We Are Hunted


Noise Creep


AOL Video


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Visual Inspiration: 30 Beautiful Vintage Web Designs

Amelia Earhart BookA popular web design trend in recent years has been the use of vintage-inspired aesthetics — an antagonistic juxtaposition to our depiction of the Web as being the space for modernity. These site designs feature design elements like low-saturation color palettes, distressed and aged elements, textures, and items and people representative of the yesteryears like outmoded technologies (such as radios and TVs), pin-up girls, and World War I/II memorabilia.

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30 Hilarious Print Advertisements

Bose Noise reduction Headphones: WaterfallIn today’s world of interactive web-based marketing, viral campaigns and high production television commercials, the print ad remains one very powerful and effective means for advertisers to reach their audience.

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20 Truly Beautiful Anime Artworks


I was doing my usual browsing around, looking for attractive artworks when I stumble across these. You may see the same artists  here and there, but they are just so amazing that I can’t ignore. I just merely picked out a few of them to share with you, but you should really take some time off and look at their galleries in Deviant Art. I have listed their profile at the end of the article. Enjoy!

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Anime Girl

Tifa From Final Fantasy By Rayn Kazuya


Anime Friends 2008 By diogosaito

Anime Friends 2008 By diogosaito

Anime North 2008 By Kaze-Hime

Anime North 2008 By Kaze-Hime

X Encontros co anime By LolitaAldea

X Encontros co anime by LolitaAldea



Anime North 2010 By Oceanchan

Anime North 2010 by Oceanchan

Lost Destiny- Winged Seclusion By Meru-chan

Lost Destiny- Winged Seclusion by Meru-chan

Primavera Zero Painter Mag 31 By =reiq

Primavera Zero Painter Mag 31 by =reiq

Commission – AWA 08 By Shilin

Commission - AWA 08 by Shilin

Commission – AWA 2009 By Shilin

Commission - AWA 2009 by Shilin

Anime kids By ~shadow-yaukero

Anime kids by ~shadow-yaukero

Quiet Desperation By Jadeedge

Quiet Desperation by Jadeedge

NaruSasu Combo By ~fuurin

NaruSasu Combo by ~fuurin

YOMI from GAREI zero By ~yagatama

YOMI from GAREI zero by ~yagatama

Blackbird – Too Late By Shilin

Blackbird - Too Late by Shilin

Summer Tea Break By Murasaki-Hoshi

Summer Tea Break by Murasaki-Hoshi

Nancy Marie Bloomfield By =reiq

Nancy Marie Bloomfield by =reiq

Halloween By DestinyBlue

Halloween by DestinyBlue

Wai-con: Steampunk Mascots By Risachantag

Wai-con: Steampunk Mascots by Risachantag

Shirahime By =einlee

Shirahime by =einlee

If you love and fancy such artworks, I would suggest taking a look at their profile. You will be awed by their skills and hardwork they put in each graphic artwork. It’s amazing, truly brilliant. I shall list a few I felt that its really amazing. If you know of any, share with others!

Shilin –

Kaze-Hime –

Reiq –

RaynKazuya –

Ultimate List of 32 Font And Typography Tools

Ultimate List of 32 Font And Typography ToolsToday I wanted to collect ultimate list of font and typographic related online tools available on Internet. There are tools for You to create Your own fonts, find unknown fonts just by selecting text or submitting image, siFR tools and resources, few Firefox plugins and several more CSS related online resources to help your web development process.

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