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You will find some of the design works I’ve made throughout my career as a Web Designer & Developer here. Some of which are made for clients, Design templates and past-time Designs. The following URL is my online Portfolio over at Deviant Art.

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This is thelatest work that I have completed. If you like my work, do give me a chance to work with you! Hire Me!.

Swee Fong Electrical Works
Swee Fong Electrical Works

I re-designed the page to give it a corporate feel and a clean touch to its layout. As it was meant to be just a contact page so that their customers may know how to contact them, not much contents are required. To keep it simple, I threw in a little marketing approach to achieve 2 goals: 1) To let viewers know what products they deal with, 2) and who they are. The images used in the design on the left, are merely samples to indicate the positions for their images.

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My Clients Thus Far…


URL: No Previews Available
Description: Multi-functional Calculator App
Job Role: Development, Design


Description: Website, System Development
Job Role: Development, Tweaks


Description: Maintenance
Job Role: Tweaks, Consultant


Description: Online Registration
Job Role: App Development

Lady of Leisure { In Progress }

Description: Consultant, E-Commerce Website
Job Role: Design, Development


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